Manila Ocean Park: The best of Manila’s Tourist Destination|Unshakable Foodie

There’s nothing more interesting than enjoying the beauty of nature like seeing the Ocean, watching sunset and interacting with a different Land and Water animals in their actual habitats which provides leisure and entertainment to people.

To our delight, guests will find it all in one place…at The Manila Ocean Park! Leaving you in awe after witnessing all 8 attractions! It is indeed the first world-class Marine Theme Park in the country. Other than entertaining, it is very educative and interactive too, both appealing to kids and adults… Plus, you don’t have to leave the Metro to see an amazing Tourist destination. The best part, Manila Ocean Park is operational all year round except only on Mondays.

I cannot contain my happiness during all these activities with my fellow bloggers. One of the exciting attraction is the Penguin Trails which in our part, we were able to try the Penguin feeding activity. It was fun and the Penguins are the cutest! I am sincerely elated with this memorable adventure. It is definitely more than what I expected to see and experience that day.

My photo op with the 3000 cubic meters Oceanarium. Thank you

I shamelessly say, it is my first time here. So, I am captivated by 6 attractions. But they actually have a total of 8 attractions to see! Awesome right? At the moment, they are working on bringing back the sea lion encounter.

Of all the attractions I recommend you to see is the Oceanarium. A home to 14,000 marine creatures from around 277 species, all indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. I love the experience of seeing Sea Animals in person and being able to appreciate their existence. Some are really huge and amazingly big like the Fish, Stingray and Sharks of different sizes and shapes!

Be enchant with the amazing beauty of insects, snakes, turtles and spiders in The World of Creepy Crawlies

Our last and finale stop is the All Star Bird Show and Sea Lion Show inside the stadium. Here you’ll be entertained with the American Sea Lions including the smartest Yeni and Rocky the Parrot and some of the Cockatoos. It was a totally fun-filled experience watching these trained animals. Popcorn, drinks and Hotdogs are available at the Stadium’s Snacks Store.

If you are into Toy Collection especially Superman, you’ll certainly enjoy the Super Toy Collection which features the Cryptonites, Superman memorabilia and Toy souvenirs and collections.

@manilaoceanparkofficial (Manila Ocean Park)
@hotelh2oph (Makan Makan Asian Food Village and White Moon Bar)

Every now and then, they have many offerings, promos and events too. One of the recent happening is the Penguin Easter Hunt last Easter Sunday.

MAIL: inquiry@manilaoceanpark.com,

CONTACT NO. (+632) 8567-7777

LOCATION: Manila Ocean Park Luneta Manila Philippines 1000

OPEN FROM 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday and Public Holidays.

See my posts for Makan Makan Asian Food Village and White Moon Bar (link below) which has just reopened after two years. Also my feature for the New Garden Cafe of MOP.


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My first ever International Collaboration: Cloudy-Unshakable Foodie|Product Review

I know I am not the only one got affected by the world Pandemic, but because a lot has happened to me and my family, it greatly affected my health, gave me a lot of Body Stress and most especially altered my sleeping pattern poorly. I started getting less and less of sleep from crying until I’m exhausted. Day time, I couldn’t even get back the hours of sleep I lost at night from thinking what could have I done to save my husband or how I’d start all over again without him. Family and concerned Friends told me that I should help myself and grieve at the same time. I totally gave in a lot of time grieving, coz I felt that it would tire me and eventually heal.

But now its nearing 7 months, and I still cry almost everyday. I lost weight and not regained my previous sleep health and body status. I have talked to a Psychologist once and tried her prescriptions. I even almost got into being an alcoholic for a month but really nothing helped constantly.

That’s why I am glad I found @cloudy from the U.S.A. I started using these products and I immediately fell in love! Finally, after months of troubled sleeping, I have my nightly constant that works for me.


MELATONIN DIFFUSER (Melatonin + Lavender + Chamomile) 3-pack

A Plant powered, Vegan, Expertly formulated, pesticide free. ADULT USE ONLY. This product contains Zero Nicotine and Zero Tobacco. Comes in 1 and 3-pack.

CALMIES DAILY STRESS GUMMIES (rhodiola + ashwagandha + L-theanine) 60 gummies per bottle

In Vanilla Raspberry flavor. It is a daily stress gummies for adults that supports energy, stress and promotes relaxation. Go from overwhelmed to a confident sense of calm and balance throughout the day with the most advanced plant based and adaptogen-powered stress support gummies. Made with the incredible calming powers of nearly a dozen clinically-studied synergetic herbal ingredients, these yummy gummies will have you feeling calm, focused, and creative no matter what the world throws at you.

It is a non-GMO, Vegan, drug-free and MD Approved. Its clean and effective with no artificial flavors/colors, non-drowsy and non-habit forming.

MELLOWS (melatonin + ashwagandha + magnesium) 60 gummies per bottle

Relaxing sleep gummies in Vanilla Blueberry flavor.

The most comprehensive stress and sleep support. More than just melatonin, enjoy a nightcap of supreme relaxation with the most advanced plant-based and adaptogen-powered calming sleep gummies. Made with a harmonious blend of nearly a dozen clinically studied synergetic herbal ingredients, got you the restful sleep and refreshed mind and body you deserve. Sleep Doctor approved. Vegan and Drug-free.

Take 2 gummies 30 minutes before bedtime. Benefits build with nightly use. Enjoy up to 6 gummies per night.

CALMING CREAM (lavender + vanilla + coconut) 213 g.

Calming Cream on the left

Relaxing Body Butter that promotes relaxation, melts tension and calms stress. Melts away tension in minutes. Treat yourself to a self- rub and let our stresss melting cream ease you into the night. Our soothing shea butter blend will calm your body, clear your mind and nourish your skin – its the perfect ritual to unwind and de-stress.

Just simply rub into your arms, neck, temples, legs, chest, shoulders, take deep breaths and relax. Benefits build with nightly use.

DREAM MIST (lavender + vanilla + jasmine) 100ml.

Stress + Sleep Spray. De-stress on demand. Melts anxiety, Eases Stress and inspires Calm. A spritz a day keeps the bad vibes away. Spray it all over your bed and pillow to create an aura of peace and calm, turning your bedroom into the perfect haven for decompressing and drifting off into dreamland.

No added paragons, cruelty-free and no added phthalates, BPA free.

Cloudy Night Eye Cover and a warm pair of Cloudy socks.

So if you’d ask me, I use them all but one product at a time. I alternate gummies to sprays or cream every other night. Calmies are best to take daily and the Diffusers every two to three days. Gradually, my sleep is getting better each day with a little help and non-addictive Cloudy products.

Please check Cloudy’s IG Account with over 393k followers.


Visit me on my IG account https://www.instagram.com/unshakablefoodie/


Longganisa Pasta Recipe| Unshakable Foodie

Ready in 15 minutes

Serves 1 pax

250 calories


  • Spaghetti or Pasta of choice ½ cup or approx 100 grams
  • Garlic Pinoy Longganisa 1 pc.
  • Garlic 2 cloves
  • 2 tbsp. Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper


  1. In a boiling water with a tsp of Oil, drop the Spaghetti Noodles and let it cook for 8 minutes or until tender. Set aside.
  2. In a small pan, sautée chopped garlic and shredded Longganisa.  Add Salt, Pepper to taste. 
  3. Add cooked Spaghetti Noodles, mix properly and put the Olive Oil. Make sure not to overcook the Longganisa to avoid excessive oil release from the Longganisa fats. 
  4. You may also sprinkle some dry herbs like Basil on top before serving. 
  5. Add Parsley on top as a garnish (Optional). 


  • You can use any kind of Pasta of your choice. 
  • Filipino Garlic Longganisa are already filled with flavor. That’s why it’s a perfect ready to mix ingredient to this Pasta recipe. Do you know that you can buy Shredded (Hubad) Garlic Longganisa? It’s available here on this link below. I’d definitely use Rosa Manila Ph  if I have stocks, but since we’re in this quarantine period, I used what I have in my fridge. 

A favourite of mine is Chikaan’s Chorizo de Cebu. It is so delicious that I know it tastes good on Pasta too.

Actual photo

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Lido Cocina Tsina: Home of more than just Chinese Pugon-Roasted Asado for 80 Years

Classic Favorites at Lido

It has been a tradition for me and my husband to get Yang Chow Fried rice whenever we are in a Chinese Restaurant. This way, whatever ulam we get, sumasarap!

All time fave Yang Chow Family P605

That’s why, during this Food Tasting event with my fellow Foodies, when Yang Chow was served, alam ko na, I’d eat more than what I normally could. And honestly, I really find the all the dishes that we tried, palatable.

Another fave was Chami special which really got me that afternoon. It is tasty and the Noodles were perfectly cooked. Kaya it was the most favorite among the group that afternoon. I usually eat or order Bihon, really a personal choice, when it comes to Pansit, but this Noodles made it to my top list that day.

Chami Special
Solo P176/Mucho P292/Familia P726
Spareribs in Salt and Pepper P314

I’m glad that yes, their take on Spareribs is meaty and crunchy to bite.

Shrimp Foo-Yong P446

Another Top Favorite is this rich dish full of egg, shrimps and veggies. So filling! and delicious, don’t miss it when you visit Lido soon!

Manchurian Wings P374

Perfect for Chicken Wings lover like me. Papak to the bones lang ang peg! It’s flavorful.

Pugon Roasted Asado P391 at Lumpiang Shanghai P281

Sinong tatanggi sa Lumpiang Shanghai na bagong luto at puno ng filling?

Now you know that at Lido Cocina Tsina, Home of Chinese Pugon-Roasted Asado, siguradong busog ka sa dami ng Food na pagpipilian! Siopao, Noodles, Congee and Dimsum isama mo pa ang smoky, sweet and salty porkloin that has become Lido’s Signature dish since 1936!

And of course, I wouldn’t mind eating Pork siomai even before or after my meals. I can eat it alone or with Yang Chow pa din.

Lastly, never get tired of the famous Chinese panghimagas, Buchi.

Chunky Pork Siomai P121 and Buchi

Did you also know that since they serve Breakfast Meals in this branch from Daing na Bangus, Beef Tapa, Breakfast Medley kasama ng kanilang masarap a Siphon-brewed coffee na siguradong babalik- balikan mo!

Siphon-brewed coffee
First floor dining area

They are open 7am-10pm with 16 branches na!
12 out of 16 branches have Function Rooms for your special events or Corporate Meetings.

Quezon AVE.
ROXAS Boulevard
SHAW Blvd.
And C. Raymond in PASIG (SOON TO OPEN)

For delivery, Call 888-LIDO/
http://www.lidodelivery.com with Delivery charge at Php40 and Minimum order Php300.


E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, New Manila, Q.C.
In front of QC Sports Plaza

DISCLAIMER: This Food Tasting Event was held in this branch mentioned. We did not pay for any of the food featured but were served for us to try and and make an honest Food Review.

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How many Lee Kum Kee sauces did you know?| Unshakable Foodie

For many centuries now, Lee Kum Kee being a notable International brand for kitchen condiments, is already known to many mommies who cook for their families but most especially to Chefs.

We have seenthe most common Lee Kum Kee sauces like Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil and Oyster Sauce. My sister who cooks a lot for her family, never runs out of these three products in her kitchen.

I’ve never been this excited to cook. I didn’t know Lee Kum Kee have this much to offer.

Lee Kum Kee has been famous to people not just on Asia but all over the world. True to its taste and quality, you’ll surely can create a magnificent dish-restaurant style cuisines from using their wide range of Lee Kum Kee sauces.

I am a Foodie and I’ve been cooking regular Filipino dishes for years now. I’d say I am happy that my husband find my dishes pleasant but I know I could do better, like ala restaurant level. That is possible with these widevariety of Lee Kum Kee sauces, I am confident I can make world- class dishes! I was literally ecstatic when I received the package. Most of the samples instantly gave me a hint of dishes I could make out if it. Imagine, minced garlic, Soup Base, Marinades, Plum Sauce, Dark and light Soy Sauce, Pure and Black Sesame Oil, even Liquid Seasoning and so much more! So here, I will be featuring the dishes that I have cooked and prepared using the different LKK sauces.

Instant Snacks with Steamed Hakaw from @kingchefrestaurantph with of course Seasoned Soy Sauce and Chiu Chow Style Chili Oil from Lee Kum Kee!

Seasoned Soy Sauce for dumpling is a unique savory sauce that carries a mellow aroma of fermented soy and a pleasant sour taste. It is used as a dipping sauce for dumpling and dim sums as well as dressing for noodles.

Chiu chow style chili oil – authentic hot chili sauce originated in chi chow, china. It can be used for dipping, stir frying or eating with various kind of noodles.

There are no words to describe how Lee Kum Kee sauces just made everything better and easier. Just like this Steamed Pompano. It is one of our weekly Menu at home, now I can prepare this dish fuss-free! LKK Minced Garlic is a convenient and great substitute for fresh garlic in steaming, marinating or stir frying. The Seasoned Sauce for Seafood on the other hand, is very ideal for Chinese Style Steamed Seafood or Fish like this dish.

Lee Kum Kee Products: L to R
Premium Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Panda Brand Oyster Sauce.
LKK: Liquid Seasoning; Black Sesame; Oyster Sauce; Dark Soy Sauce; Seasoned Sauce for Dumpling; Plum Sauce; Char Siu Sauce; Minced Garlic; Soup Base for Hot Pot;

I am definite, I’ll be trying more of the recipes from their website. Pls watch out for that. To know more of Lee Kum Kee PH, please visit their socials indicated below.

Continue reading “How many Lee Kum Kee sauces did you know?| Unshakable Foodie”

My Pasta Story: Creamy Pasta Alfredo|Unshakable Foodie

Cooking regular Filipino food is a normal day to day activity for me…except for Pasta, because its not what I typically eat each day. I’m into rice actually. But, that was until last year when the late husband loved my Garlic Tomato Pasta! Since then, I became excited whenever I plan to cook it again for him. Also, I began to have interest in cooking other Pasta dishes. I realized, simple is better. It’s definitely less complicated than cooking regular viands. 

I have already got a few recipes I tried cooking and so I wanna share it with you all.  My Longganisa Pasta was a hit, Garlic Tomato Pasta became an instant favorite at home and the Olio Aglio pepperonccino that I’ll be making soon..

This was my post on my Shopee Acct when I used to have Noodles to sell. For the recipe pls visit my blog post: https://unshakablefoodie.wordpress.com/2020/04/17/longganisa-pasta-recipe-unshakable-foodie/

Today, I made the Creamy Pasta Alfredo that’s also very easy to cook plus the ingredients are available in the groceries. I just saw this recipe on You Tube. If you like Carbonara then you might like Pasta Alfredo and they almost tastes the same.


Clean, deveined Shrimps ,

Chopped Onion, Garlic

1/4 cup Butter

1 cup All Purpose Cream + 1/2 cup water or the water used for cooking the Pasta Noodles.

Salt & Pepper to taste,

Chopped Parsley for garnishing.

1. Fry the Shrimps lightly both sides and set aside.
2. Sautee with Butter, chopped onion and garlic by using the same pot.
3. Then, add the cream, salt and pepper.
4. Lastly, mix the cooked Shrimps and Boiled Noodles into the sauce. Add the garnish on top and serve.

For more cooking recipes and Food adventures, Follow me on my Instagram, FB, YT and Tiktok account.

Eggs-perience Eggs-tacy with Kenny Rogers Roasters|Unshakable Foodie

Hooray! Are you ready for the newest flavor that Kenny Rogers created for us?

Well, taste the Egg-ceptional newest offering from Kenny Rogers Roasters: Salted Egg Roast, Unfried Fried Chicken and Unfried Fried Chicken Bun – your all-time favorite Kenny’s dishes now made more egg-citing…which are elevated with special salted egg flavors to make everyone egg-static with every bite. Exactly, what happened to me. I was super delighted after I tried them, I actually love salted Egg, if you were to ask me!

Salted Egg Roast is marinated in special herbs and spices, and garnished with the deliciously addicting salted egg powder and salted egg sauce.

I always love Kenny Rogers Roast Chicken, it is something I grew up eating out with my family. But now that they put an extra flavor like salted egg, its just wow! The Salted Egg goes well with Kenny Rogers’ all time-favorites side dishes like Corn and carrots, Mac n Cheese plus the corn muffins!

Salted Egg Unfried Fried Chicken is cooked through an oven with circulating hot air and is not deep fried! The result: crispy skin, juicer meat and no excess oil used in the cooking process as it used the chicken’s natural oil. Making it taste even better is the generous coating of Salted Egg powder served with Salted Egg sauce!

This is an instant favorite! I’m ready to give up my typical fried chicken faves. Now, this is something! The salted egg is just mouth watering.

Salted Egg Unfried Fried Chicken Bun: chicken fillet packed with tomato, lettuce, and onion. Fillet is tossed with salted egg powder and salted egg sauce, sandwiched in between two wheat buns.

This is an absolute filling meal! No mess and definitely perfect to people on the go!


Just open your Tiktok app and search for the hashtag #kennyssaltedeggstrachallenge. Follow the official hand and facial movements using Kenny’s Salted Egg Official jingle! Use Kenny’s Salted Egg Official jingle, add the hashtag and tag @kennyrogersph. Challenge duration is on April 29 to May 22, 2022. Get a chance to win P20,000 worth of Kenny’s GCs!

Available for dine-in, takeout or delivery through http://www.kennyrogersdelivery.com.ph or call 8-555-9000 or via GRABFOOD/FOODPANDA

Visit and follow their socials to learn more: FB/TIKTOK/IG/YT @kennyrogersph

TWITTER: @kennyrogers_ph

Elias Wicked Ales & Spirits: Top Brewery in the PH today| Unshakable Foodie

Exactly #PourYears ago when Elias Wicked Ales and Spirits was started by the humble Master brewer himself, Rauol Masangcay. As a result of his passion for Beers, Elias tap house was born with a microbrewery he dreamed of creating since he was young. Elias Wicked is now the Top Brewery in the country. To attest to that he has over 30 craft beers and even manages to make 2,000 Liters of beer per month. Woah, that’s a lot!

Even as a non-heavy beer drinker myself, I find trying non-traditional, creative craft beer so much fun. Here in Elias, you can drink non ridiculous amounts of beer since the brewery facility is inside this resto/bar. Seltzers, Ales, IPA, Lager, they have it…ALL.

But as for me, there’s nothing like Cider and Seltzers. I don’t care much of the alcohol content, I like mostly how it tastes and whether the bitterness is bearable for me. Elias’ Ciders and Seltzers are definitely what women like me would drink… light, sweet and has a smooth fruity flavor. With so many types of craft beers they have to offer, I hope you’ll get to sample any that take your fancy. I personally think I can totally give up wine for this.

Ciders are made with Fermented Apples. Seltzers are from sugarcane and Beer is made from four different ingredients namely Malts, Hops, Ale Yeast and Water. The more the hops, the bitter it gets.

Ale is a particular style of beer that is, at its most basic, defined by the yeast used during the fermentation process. Ales tend to be more flavorful, noted by fruit flavors while, in comparison, lagers tend to be crisper. IPA is an Indian Pale Ales. A hoppy beer style that has a higher alcohol content. It was invented when the brewers needed to put more hops during their sea travels to extend the life span of the beer.

Ales typically have one of the highest phenol concentrations. This means they may also pack in more heart-protecting compounds than other beers.

During Elias’ 4th Year celebration last week, I, together with my We Love To Eat PH Family, had a beer tasting and we got to try different alcoholic drinks. It varies from light to heavy drink. These are Bright Side Very Berry, Elias Guava Cider, Elias Lost in Japan White Ale, Elias Suppa Fly IPA. The first three drinks appeal to my taste very well. The IPA is already bitter imo.

You should also check the Flight: Half Full Ale Golden Ale 5% ABV, Bright Side Verry Berry, Hard Seltzer 5% ABV, and Lost in Japan wheat beer, 5% ABV.

Food on the other hand is not a problem. Finally, Elias serves great pulutan that you could ever imagine having with the best glass of beer in town.

Elias Wicked accepts Outside Events Package, Reservations and Private Events. Call for inquiry 09266179030

With the gals: L to R: @hungrytravelduo, @anjcolumna, @beingjellybeans and myself. Insert @chrizellicious. Thanks @johnbunag & We Love To Eat PH Fam and @fudaph for this photo.

Elias Wicked is located at 13 Ubay St. Santa Mesa Heights, Quezon City, Philippines 1114

Open 3pm to 1am

FB/IG: @wickedelias

Website: https://wickedelias.com


Salmon Miso King/Tom Yum King with Karaage and Tamago on the side

Our favorite Ramen continues to reign supreme! Hailed as the biggest Ramen chain in the country, Ramen Nagi is opening their 28’th branch this week. In celebration of that sought after franchise, a new line of Limited Kings for April is created.

Ramen Nagi presents The Sea Kings:

TOM YUM KING – Take a deep breath and dive into the experience that is the Tom Yum King. Sink your teeth into that chewy noodles swirled in rich, creamy coconut milk mixed with dollops of authentic Thai Tom Yum going paste with garnishes like leeks, and coriander, topped with whorls of Chilean Mussels, Squid tubes, Cream Dory Fish and Shrimp.

I love that it is rich and very flavorful! I am very pleased with this flavor. Satisfied Ramen Nagi lover here.

SALMON MISO KING – SALMON!!!!!! Delight in butter- seared salmon lightly marinated with White Miso, served on a bed of adornments like blanched bokchoy, blanched beansprout, leeks, and finished with Nagi’s signature fire sauce. After one bite, Salmon Miso King is sure to inspire fanatical devotion.

As expected, I know Salmon won’t disappoint. The Miso soup flavor very well complement the Salmon meat and Noodles. I’m surprised that the broth is not at all greasy, I love the butter in it and the chunky big serving of Salmon meat.

Enjoy the uniquely primal goodness of the Tom Yum and Salmon Miso Kings in all Ramen Nagi restaurants.

Also available in ready-to-eat HOT Nagi To Go via:


IG: ramennagimanila

FB: @RamenNagiManila

Watch out for Ramen Nagi’s special promotion selling #yourfavoriteramen for only P28 in celebration of it’s 28th branch opening on Friday, April 22 in SM Grand Central.

Give me a Follow on my social media accounts. ❤

Make It A Summer To Remember: Cheesecake Halo Halo by MIT| Unshakable Foodie

There’s always something that reminds us of every Summer Season. It maybe a Summer activities with your Family, a Road Trip with friends, a full Summer Beach visit, but with Macao Imperial Tea, it’s their New Cheesecake Halo Halo! A leveled up Halo Halo experience that will surely make your 2022, A Summer to remember.

Halo Halo is a classic Filipino staple, adding a twist to it, you’ll be surprised with every slurp of its NEW poppin’ sinkers! I promise it will keep you cool this Summer. Other MIT’s Cheesecake Halo Halo toppers include Red/Yellow/Blue/Green Jelly, Black Pearl, Sago Boba, Red Bean Boba, Pudding and Cheesecake Cream. You’d definitely go crazy over this. It is cold and definitely refreshing…you’ll love it as much as our Filipino’s favorite dessert, Halo Halo!

Available starting April 8 accross all Macao Imperial Tea branches nationwide for as low as P155 only.


FB: https://www.facebook.com Delivery via FoodPanda/Grabfood

New Flavor from Yellow Cab: Truffle Honey and Cheese|Unshakable Foodie

This April- New exciting flavor from Yellow Cab is coming your way. For a limited time, this addicting Pizza flavor with Shiitake Mushroom, gooey mozzarella and cheddar cheese is drizzled with delicious golden honey and intoxicatingly aromatic and flavorful black truffle oil.

Starting April 4 to July 3, Truffle Honey and Cheese will be available in all Yellow Cab branches nationwide. You can avail it fro delivery, Curbside pick up, drive-thru, take-out or dine-in.

The new flavor is offered in both Original and NY_style Thin Crust variants with prices starting at just P349 for a 9″ pie.

For Delivery: yellowcabpizza.com or call 8-789-999


Barcelona 360: AiLab Perfume Grand Launch|Unshakable Foodie

Barcelona 360 has just launched its high quality perfume line…the AILAB Dubai Perfume last March 5.

The event was held at the New Dapo restaurant in Quezon City. I was in awe as how big this restaurant/bar really is. It’s my first visit here and the restaurant’s capacity is just astounding. They are open from Breakfast time to late night gig Inuman. As soon as we were seated, a set of enticing Filipino dishes greeted us.

The event was graced by the CEO herself Ms. Barcelona and later on assisted by her host speaker. Hence, introduction of the New perfume line started while we watch and eat excitedly.

The most humble and generous Barcelona 360 CEO Ms. Menchie Barcelona

With over a hundred scents of Barcelona 360 already available, the growth of the company didn’t stop there. Since it has been enjoyed by a major filipino customers, Now, you’ll have more premium selections to choose from.

The New AiLab Perfume Collection

Back in 2017, the CEO Ms. Menchie Barcelona herself started the business with its “Piso per ml oil based perfume.” approach which was wholeheartedly supported by a major Filipino crowd.

Since then, Barcelona 360 continues to expand and help as many Filipino resellers here and abroad. The perfume brand scents is mixed and created by non other than the owner herself. She imports the perfume ingredients all the way from Dubai and France.

Package Cart available for Consignment
AiLab scents
With my co-bloggers during the event.

For orders/inquiries/resellers:

Pls call 0905 5082925
FB: Perfume Station by Barcelona 360

Thank you @clairedestinie
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